Another piece of work from my Literacy book from Year 5. And yes, I’m keeping all the spelling mistakes and punctuation there.

Wednesday 21st Seplember

Animal Killer

Every bright and sunny weekend, a twenty year-old man, called Bill, goes and shoots animals with his gun. Hu is a hairy and humarous bloke who likes to laugh alot. He is usually happy and shoots animals either in a dark, gloomy and huge jungle or a bright green and grassy field.

A week later, a new law is made. It is a law that… you can’t shoot animals! But Bill didn’t listen! So he still continued to go shooting animals every single weekend! When Bill went into work the next day, he said to his friends “Why should I listen to this new law, it’s wrecking my hobby!”

After a few weeks, everyone in the city found out that Bill continued to shoot animals. But guess what? Bill still continued to shoot poor, inocent animals! He wouldn’t let a stupid law stop him doing what he does best…

…But the police soon came whizzing to his house. They grabbed Bill and took him away. After half an hour at court, the judge made his decision. “I sentence you to -”

“Wait,” shouted Bill, “I’ll give up my gun and pay £500 to reduce my time in jail.”

The judge stopped to think. “Ok, 6 months in jail!” boomed the judge.

After the 6 months had gone, Bill was let out of jail and never shot animals again.

That Bill, what a mean person! I have absolutely no idea what inspired me to write something like that, but I guess I did. After reading through a fair bit of my Literacy book, I seem to use the names “Bill” and “Bob” quite a lot… Just shows my lack of creativity!

Liked it
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