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Okomfo Anokye was perhaps the greatest of all traditional priests to have emerged from Ghana, a country in the western part of Africa. The name “Anokye” in Ghanaian Language means ”look” or ”see” given to him by his grandfather.

When this man was born, it was noticed that he was holding an amulet. The parents did not understand why the amulet was in his hand so they sent him to a diviner. The diviner explained  to them that, he would be a great traditional priest in future, and really he became a priest when he grew up.

Okomfo Anokyewas imprisoned by his bosom friend “Sasraku”. He was imprisoned because his friend ”Sasraku” who was a chief in the village thought he would kill him because of some wonders and mysterious things he did.

One day, the chief of the Ashanti State(a region in Ghana) paid a visit to “Sasraku”. Sasraku showed Okomfo Anokye to the chief of the Ashanti state. Okomfo Anokyerevealed an unknown secret to Osei Tutu and he was released and sent to the Ashanti State by the chief “Osei Tutu” and from hence he served as traditional priest of the Ashanti State. Okomfo Anokyebecame the best friend of the king of the Ashanti State “Osei Tutu”.

One day, Okomfo Anokye told all the traditional chiefs to gather for a purpose. At the durbar, he told all the people to keep silence as he conjured to bring down a golden stool form the sky, which landed on the knees of Osei Tutu meaning he was chosen by the Ancestors to lead the Asante kingdom. The golden stool was named “Sika Adwa Kofi”. This stool has been housed at the chief’s palace and tourists are allowed to see and feel the Golden Stool. Okomfo Anokye announced that the stool contains spirit of the whole Ashanti nation and that all its strength and bravery depended on the safety on the stool.      

After the conjuring of the golden stool, he also did many wonderful things and some of the things are as follows:

1) He placed a cutlass in the ground and up till now, no one could pull it out from the ground. This cutlass can be found in Kumasi (a city in Ghana). Many people including tourists have tried pulling the cutlass out from the ground but up till now the cutlass is still at it’s original position.

2)He also threw a drum in the sky and it never fell down. The little drum is till hanging at the palace.

3) Okomfo Anokye planted a plantain sucker and it grew up within few seconds and was harvested.

4) He threw an egg to a forest area and said that, the place would be deviod of vegetation cover and up till now that place is bare without vegetation cover.

5) He used his fingernails to carve a stone into holes to make the game called “oware”.

Okomfo Anokye told his people that he was going to seek an antidote to death. So he locked himself up in a room telling his people not to knock on the door or weep if he fails to show up after a certain time. The stipulated time reached but he never showed up till today. His death has been so mysterious and nobody has been able to tell the nature of his death.

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