Another look into what has happened on this day in the past, historical events of note, famous birthdays or any other points of interest that have occurred on this day.

On this day in 1639, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were adopted and were considered to be the State’s first constitution. It was adopted while Connecticut was still a British colony and recognized no allegiance to Great Britain and classed itself as an independent government.


The United States ratified a peace treaty with Great Britain in 1784 ending the Revolutionary War.

An attempt was made on this day in 1858 to assassinate the French emperor Napoleon III.


Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his new invention the telephone to the British Queen Victoria on this day in 1878.


The Myopia Hunt Club, in Winchester, Massachusetts in 1882 became the first country club in the United States.


An earthquake struck Kingston, Jamaica on this day in 1907 killing over 1,000 people.


US President Franklin D Roosevelt became the first US President to fly while in office on this day in 1943. He flew from Miami, Florida to French Morocco in north Africa for a meeting to discuss the Second World War with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


The parliament of Yugoslavia elected Josop Broz Tito as the countries first President in 1953. Twelve months later Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio, the marriage only lasted for nine months. On the same day the Hudson Car Company merged with Nash-Kelvinator to become the American Motors Corporation.


George C Wallace was sworn in as the new governor of Alabama on this day in 1963.

An explosion on board the US aircraft carrier ‘Enterprise’ off the coast of Hawaii in 1969 claimed the lives of 25 crew members.


In 1975, British teenager Leslie Whittle was abducted by Donald Nielson, who became known as the Black Panther. After a failed attempt to collect a ransom he left her to die on a narrow ledge in a drain shaft with a wire around her neck.


On this day in 1985, Martina Navratilova won her 100th tennis tournament, she joined Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert-Lloyd as the only professional tennis players at that time to have won 100 tournaments.


In 1986, ‘Rambo: First Blood,’ the second Rambo movie arrived in video stores and broke the record for first day sales set by ‘Ghostbusters’ when 435,000 copies were sold.


Legislation was introduced by the British government in 1993 to make invasion of privacy by the press a criminal offence.


Jorge Sampaio was elected as the new President of Portugal in 1996. On the same day alleged drug lord Juan Garcia Abrego was arrested by the Mexican authorities and handed over to the FBI the next day.


In 1999 a proposal lifting the ceiling on the sale of oil by Iraq imposed by the UN was suggested, with the proviso being that the extra money raised be used to buy medicine and food for the people of Iraq.


At a UN tribunal in 2000, five Bosnians were sentenced to up to 25 years for the massacre in 1993 of over 100 Muslims in a Bosnian village.


Famous birthdays from this day in history include Benedict Arnold in 1741, Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer in 1875 and Cecil Beaton in 1904. English actor Warren Mitchell in 1926 and Carl Weathers was born in 1948.


As you can see over the years this has been quite an eventful day for a number of very different reasons. Check back to see what the next day in the calendar year has to offer tomorrow.


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