Another look into what has happened on this day in the past, historical events of note, famous birthdays or any other points of interest that have occurred on this day.

Edmund II the King of England died on this day in 1016. In the year 1700, 8,000 Swedish troops under the command of King Charles XII defeated a Russian army of at least 50,000 at the Battle of Narva. The Swedish King was killed in the battle.


The US and Great Britain signed preliminary peace deals on this day in 1782, bringing about an end to the Revolutionary War. Spain ceded Louisiana to France on this day in 1803.


In 1835 Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born. His works included ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Huckleberry Finn.’ He was better known by the name he chose to write under of Mark Twain.


Three days after French forces occupied Vera Cruz in 1838 Mexico declared war on France. In 1853 during the Crimean War the Russian fleet attacked and destroyed their Turkish opponents at the battle of Sinope.


A. J. Ehrichson’s oat crushing machine was patented on this day in 1875. Thomas Edison’s motion picture projector had its first commercial exhibition on this day in 1897. On this day in 1936 London’s Crystal Palace was destroyed in a fire. It had been built to house an international exhibition in 1851.


In 1954 a woman in Sylacauga, Alabama survived after being struck by a meteorite. Two years later CBS replayed a program three hours after it was first shown. It was the worlds first broadcast by videotape. Barbados, the former British colony in the Caribbean gained its independence from Great Britain on this day in 1966.


The movie ‘Ghandi’ had its world premiere on this day in 1982 in New Delhi, India. In 1989, Alfred Herrhausen the chairman of West Germany’s largest bank, was killed in a bomb attack. The Red Army Faction claimed responsibility. On the same day PLO leader Yasser Arafat was refused a visa to enter the US. He was due to address the UN General Assembly in New York City.


The Brady Bill was signed into law on this day in 1993 by US President Bill Clinton. The new law gave a mandatory five day waiting period for handgun purchasers and allowed for background checks on prospective buyers.


Some of the famous birthdays on this day include Jonathan Swift, author of such works as Gulliver’s Travels, born on this day in 1667. Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister during most of the Second World War in 1874. 1955 saw the birth of Billy Idol and exactly ten years later actor Ben Stiller was born. On the same day as this in Colorado the state government announced the day to be Rolling Stones Day. In 1996 singer Tiny Tim collapsed and died after he had ended a show early because he felt ill. 


As you can see over the years this has been quite an eventful day for a number of very different reasons. Check back to see what the next day in the calendar year has to offer tomorrow.

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