A narrative story about a Siberian Husky puppy and her family.

My name is Naomi. My adventure began at the airport. We went on vacation to Colorado. My owners Ben and Penny wanted to go for about a year now. Their children, Matt, who is 17, and Kathleen, who is 16, were elated. We live in Florida, so it was nice to get away to somewhere where it is quiet and cold! As Ben took out my cage, I realized I was going, too.

We arrived at the airport at six o’clock in the morning; that is really early for me. I usually sleep in until noon. It was my first time at an airport. I was eager, I saw different people, smelled different scents, and I was going to Colorado! It took three hours to get there, though it seemed more like twenty hours. I became exhausted. The minute we arrived at the ski resort, I ran up the stairs and barked at random people. I was sleepy, irritable, and worn-out. As soon as Ben opened the hotel room, I ran inside, plopped down on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up six hours later. Matt and Ben went to go purchase bait for their fishing trip, and Penny went shopping. Kathleen waited for me to wake up, so she could take me out for a walk. We stopped by the sporting goods store on our way back. She wanted to buy skiing and climbing equipment for our trip tomorrow. When we got back to the hotel room, Matt and Ben had already come back. Everybody went out to eat. Of course, I could not come along because I am dog. As soon as they left, I started jumping up and down on the beds. I knew how to turn on the TV, so I took a break from jumping and watched. I do not actually watch, but I enjoy the sound. I knew exactly where Penny had hid my beef jerky. I took it out and started eating it but, by the time I was done, the room was chaos. I was too exhausted to turn off the TV and eat the beef jerky crumbs. I just lay down on the floor and fell asleep. The room was a disaster.

I woke up at nearly 9:00 AM. The room was different, but that did not matter to me because today Matt, Kathleen, and I were going to the park.

 We played fetch and then they took me for a walk. We passed by a pond with ducks. Most people think that a dog’s worst enemy is a cat, but not for me, I absolutely loathe ducks. As we passed by I started growling and then I ran off into the pond. Matt had to come after me. I scared off the ducks and eventually came back. Matt and I were soaking wet, but I could shake it off.

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