Before rupean to describe a “graduation ceremony,” I will tell you the end of the first two acquaintances. Kalmukki and I sat looking at each other, without being able to change a single word, and so we started to lie down. The next morning the ship stood still, someone visiting the village and kalmukki got up and went to the country. After a while he became the variegation robe, and put my hand two boiled eggs warm. This showed that I had won her a special favor and confidence. Although we did not understand each other, so was born the way jonkullainen friendship between us. When he entered the country, he meant to me that I would kalujaan an eye on her, and when I went to one, I left kapineeni with him. According to a Tatar, through a linguistic relation may include kalmukin purposes, I learned that this was a pilgrimage trip to Mecca. Indeed, long-distance pilgrimage!

Another pilgrim, the venakko, was twenty-five year old woman, whose husband had left her, and now sought to get his wife to a convent. He went to free the ship. Prior to entering the ship, he turned to the captain, saying: “Do you allow a poor pilgrim, who is on his way Kijeviin pray to God, to walk laivassanne?” – “Be welcomed Christ’s sake,” replied the captain earnestly, and so he came on board. But the ship had more than one other pilgrims. A deacon in Mark was on his way to Jerusalem to pray at the tomb of Christ, and a dozen Tatar Bukarasta traveled to Mecca to pray for the prophet’s tomb.

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