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Tyumen is a branch office, which provides the location where the transfer of prisoners taken. From there, begin their walk. On Tuesday I went to prison office, and I got to talk to its master. He thought that the Finns had not yet arrived, but I asked anyway to visit the crown, a ride in jail watching. When I was pointing to him the Regulation that the Finns are the sizes of a few, they are for the specified places, so he said that there had been no such provision, and added that it was impossible to set them all at the same place when you did not have enough of the country all together in the village. It seemed like this would not be able to do anything, even though I tried to put my best.
But the chance to turn things were quite different. When the officer heard that I spoke German, he was so polite that challenged me to his home when his wife spoke German and was. I was not slow to accept the invitation. Madame was a pleasant woman, and seemed to cuddling. I said to him how difficult it was to provide no regular pastoral care, when they were scattered here and there throughout the whole of Western Greatland. The result was that the master promised to do what was in his power. That he did more than what I even I could not believe I found afterwards.
When I went to jail in the afternoon so I got to hear from one Farlers, which is due to illness had been other that all of you sent in had already left Tyumen. I liked certain that they would be broken up here and there in Russian villages, as before. Since then, I got to hear the transmission from prisoners that they had received instruction on the way to stop prison. Here they had to wait two weeks, realizing the reason to delay.

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