Story about time travel.

They got us up and out of our cells at 6 am. The other inmates weren’t jealous of our so called “free time.” They’d rather stay in the safety of their familiar cells than to be used as lab rats. We were about to be subject to tests. They picked us because we were the least offensive test subjects. Most of us were locked up for white collar crimes, or as in my case, non violent drug possession. We were perfect for their purposes. Average white males about to be a part of another secret government experiment. Tests and experiments involving time travel was nothing new to the government, but for us it would prove to be a whole new world. 

We shuffled into the plain, grey room one by one in single file fashion. There were two men waiting for us. The Doctor and the General. They never told us their names. We would address them by their titles only. There was an old school movie screen at the front of the room and a projector ready to roll. They began with a long speech as these type of people often do. The General spoke first. “You men have been chosen for an incredibly important mission. It doesn’t matter what kind of circumstances brought you here, the only thing that matters is the work you will do here.” He spoke like he was made of cement. Hard, cold, inanimate. He was like able because he was what he was. He wasn’t trying to trick us or candy coat the truth. “No matter the outcome of the work you do here, you will be released upon the completion of this project.” That’s all I heard. The part he mentioned about us being released when this thing was over. That’s the whole reason I volunteered. The sooner I get out of here, the better. I’ll do whatever their experiment involves, and be glad to do it, whatever it may be as long as it ends with me regaining my freedom. 

The Doctor began his speech. “You men are about to be part of an amazing experiment that involves time travel.” Some of the other guys flashed confusing looks and the one on the end of the row, Billy started laughing out loud. The General attacked him in a stern verbal lashing that seemed to quiet his amusement. The Doctor continued, “You will be travelling through time, and it will all seem very real to you. We will study your brain and body upon your return to measure any effects of the experiment. We’ve fine tuned this work through the years and it should be successful. We have several safety precautions in place so that when we bring you back it’ll be in a safe manner. Before we show this short informational film, does anyone have any questions?” 

Lucky Shine spoke up,”Are you sure you’re going to let us out afterward? This all sounds fishy to me.” We called him Lucky Shine because he’d managed to keep all his front gold teeth while in prison. 

The General wasted no time in addressing Lucky’s concerns. “You will be released upon completion and you will consider yourself fortunate to have had this opportunity!” Lucky nodded in agreement. 

The Doctor dimmed the lights and started the film. The film consisted of several shots taken from Hollywood movies like The Matrix, Brainstorm, and several other sci-fi classics. It only lasted about ten minutes. When the lights came up they revealed the puzzled expressions on our faces. The General assured us,”I know you must be wondering what these movies have to do with our work here. They all have one thing in common, high tech confusion. We want you to be prepared for anything and everything. You will most likely be confused, in a state of horror, or just plain out of your head, but this is a temporary problem. When you come back from your journey through time everything will be just as it was. You’ll be gone for what might seem like minutes, days, months, or even years. However, only 15 minutes will have passed. 

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