This is a short love story, very romantic.
Read it! It’s a nice story.

Juliet is 22 years old. She was a person who felt disappointed in life, partly.

Which part? The one that has to do with love. Yes, she had had 2 boyfriends, at the age of 14 and 16. Both times, she thought it was love. Both times, her boyfriend broke up with her because of another girl. She thought she wouldn’t hold on, but she read an interesting proverb: “You better preserve the love for the one who loves you. Otherwise, you will never love and be loved in return”. And she thought, “And how do you know if you are being loved in return?”. After meditating it for some time, she decided to give up love.

Just like her feelings, the time ran away. Five months went by quickly. As her friends didn’t see her anymore, they got worried and invited her to a party in an attempt to lift her mood.

At the party, instead of dancing, she just wandered. She stopped at a corner, and started to cry. She couldn’t stop, she was so hurt. A boy went close to her, and asked her what the problem was. As she didn’t answer, he took her to a café and bought her a cappuccino. She was feeling better now.

“You will tell me your name now?”, he asked.

“I’m Juliet. Thanks for the cappuccino”, she said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Richard”, he said.

They talked for a long time. After that night, everything changed. Richard and Juliet were very good friends. They didn’t take long to see that they had a lot in common. And Juliet was happy with him.

So, one day Richard took her to the same café where they had met for the 1st time.

“Juliet…, since the first day I met you, today exactly a year ago, I knew you were a great person. With a big heart”, said Richard.

“I think the same about you Richard”, she smiled.

“You are a Fairy Tale Princess” – he took her hand – “And I would like to spend the rest of my life with you”, said Richard.

“Richard…my heart has been very badly hurt”, she said.

“I’d like to try to heal it, if you let me”, he said.

“But how do I know if you really love me?”, she said.

“Sweetheart…I’d give my life for you. And I’d be glad of doing it. Isn’t that enough?”, he said smiling.

Juliet smiled, and kissed him. After that, they went to the park and spent the rest of the day with each other. And, hopefully, the rest of their lifes.

And so, Juliet finally knew how to know if somebody loves you.

The one who loves you cares about you, knows when you’re sad, makes you happy.

And the most important, the one who loves you, would give his/her life for you.

The End. By

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  • hannan c ditucalan on Nov 5, 2010

    ang panget boring cnu bah mawa ni2 sobrang corny kahit aqoh kaya kuyang gawin eh!dah

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