From the characters of The Karate Seduction, they tell their stories and feelings of the closet sex with Mick. Exclusive to Triond!

“I was invited to an after party in the store with Mick. Of course I was shocked and slightly excited that Jenn was their. Mick was tongue deep in her pussy at the time. Being a bisexual. It turned me on.” Recalls Sara. “Jenn was this preppy teenager. Difficult to read, I started licking her (gorgeous) tits and felt the twitch of discomfort. So I went in for…”

“The Kiss, the kiss was really sexy. Her lips where tender and tasted of watermelon. The tongue sent new excitment feelings through me. And with Mick going down on me it was all too hot. Too sexy.” Jenn recalls three days after the sexual adventure. “I am seventeen. This whole teacher/student flirtationship…and lesbian experience was overwhelming. But over orgasmic. It was Sara, she was this tall model like nineteen year old. And Mick was just Mick, a Karate Instructor, with a stunning body and even better…”

“Penis. Don’t get me started. It was just so big. Shame I didn’t get to suck it or do anything with it. But we’ve four more sessions of Karate and I am more than eger.” Sara finished.

More from The Karate Seduction later.

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