A pirate story.

There were once. . A bunch of pirates. 22 to be exact. The pirates were like any other pirate a big pirate ship. The pirate gang called themselves “The Gang Of Madrid”.(Madrid is the capital of Spain) Actually it was a weird bunch of pirates. There was – very name – The Great Pirate Chief. That was a big burly man with a handlebar mustache and long beard. He was wearing a wig under his big hat with long, jet black hair. Who does not listen to The Pirate Upper and obeyed him, could not be sure that it is not too good with him expired. The Upper Pirate had two swords, a dagger and a pistol in his pocket. The pistol he kept safely in his pocket of the piratenjas he wore. The other 21 pirates had only a sword. On an after then, who also wore a dagger with them. And with the dagger and the sword that was the Pirate Send. Quite a biggie, though. He also had to listen to The Upper Pirate, but no other pirate dared to contradict him. Then there was the Kokpiraat, who provided the food. Usually the pirates were only presented with porridge and beer, but occasionally rattled the Pirate The Supreme Kokpiraat again by each other, and the gang then got back from Madrid a few days to eat a snack. Until that Kokpiraat his promise to the Supreme pirate to make good food was forgotten, then shook him by the Sovereign Pirate together. And that scene was always going. Outside the Supreme Pirate, the Pirate and send Kokpiraat you already know it is created, there are 19 other pirates. I’m going to remember you not by name, but you should know about that they functioned as sailors. There was one in which was seasick at the slightest breeze, one that could not swim and had vertigo and one that never dared to climb the mast. Like I said, it was just a very strange bunch of pirates. Now you know everything about the pirates. So I will now begin to tell you about the adventure of pirates. 

On one day was The Gang Of Madrid again by sea to sail. It was March 18, 1965.Suddenly saw Dirk, a Pirate Sailor, a bottle floating in the water. Using some other sailor Pirates, they could get the bottle on board. There was a clear sheet of paper that looked like a treasure map. Dirk was nervous with some of his mates to the Pirate Chief in his private cabin was at the break, with a cigar in his hand. That opened the bottle and yes, there was a treasure map! The sailors jumped a hole in the air. Of course, the Pirate Chief comment on, but not that one time he began to roar. He himself was very happy and started the map. The treasure was located on the uninhabited island Karlewalwi “position. ”Never heard of” The Supreme Pirate muttered to himself. The Upper Pirate notified to all the 21 pirates that they would go looking for that treasure.After the Supreme Pirate again by the Kokpiraat together was shaken, he was already waiting for his food-the-globe that once stood on his desk carefully. He was with The Gang Of Madrid have repeatedly been uninhabited islands, always a treasure to find, but they still had no luck again. Once had in January, a Pirate Sailor, a single coin found.How hard the Upper Pirate also thought, he could not remember her ever an island that had been Karlewalwi said. After several hours he had not yet found the island. Neither on his card, nor on the globe. The name Karlewalwi he could not find.

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