Two little girls experience a night of sheer terror when they venture out on a Halloween night in 1984 Detroit.

expected us to get home. She neither thought nor cared about those things. 

I thought then that when I got home, I wanted to save money to buy two goldfish. I didn’t know how Billie made her money but maybe after tonight, I will ask her and one fish I will name Abigail after myself and the other one, the one

that’s swimming in the opposite direction, I will name Billie. An even better idea came to me then. I started to call out her name but then I heard her shout out, “Turn here!”

We continued driving down Woodward. I didn’t know where we were at but I could see tall buildings in front of me, including the lights of the Fisher Building far off in the distance. The neighborhoods went from showcasing flowers and elderly people on side streets swinging on front porch couches to graffiti, curse words and crumbling wood.

The car next to us puttered out black gas. There was a little black girl in there; she was only about three or four years old. She waved to me and I waved back. Her hair was in pigtails and she was sucking her thumb. She was so cute. I wanted to take her home with me. Her mother’s lips moved and for a few seconds, she sat down. Then, her mother rolled her window down and worthless scratch-off tickets went flying in the air. They landed on the cool, wet pavement before a police car, speeding past all of us, ran over them. At this, the little girl appeared again with a pacifier in her mouth. I put my face against the window and made a fish face. She offered me her pacifier through her mother’s two-door car window. I guess her little fingers weren’t strong enough to hold onto them

and it went out the window, bouncing off the car’s hood and landing on a broken sidewalk and melt into the city’s waste. The little girl waved to me one last time as her mother moved into the left lane behind us, waiting to go down some side street. I knew the little girl would probably forget me in all of five minutes.

My stomach tightened when Mr. Wolf announced that we were at our

destination. I didn’t want Billie to see me upset. Billie pointed to a corner and Mr. Wolf pulled over. She told him that this was the end of the ride. He said that he could take us to our grandmother’s house but she shook her head no. I watched them argue back and forth. He insisted that he take us so no one might mistake us for runaways. 

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