Two little girls experience a night of sheer terror when they venture out on a Halloween night in 1984 Detroit.

            Billie’s heading in our direction; her face was flush with excitement and then when she got closer to us and saw that the three of us were naked and lying

around, she said, “What are you doing?” Dennis winked at her with his big, sloppy grinning face. Benny was down at the other end of the bridge, spraying graffiti on the bridge. He was careful not to set the railroad tracks on fire but we could see the blaze from our end. Louie stood up, naked, one hand he politely covered himself up but Dennis just laid there in all his glory.

            “You wanna join us?” he said and immediately, I was jealous. A woman that lived at St. Mary’s came and stood outside on the bridge. She was smoking a cigarette. She looked down at us in her housecoat and slippers. She looked almost beautiful from a distance. A nun ran up to her quickly, placed her hands on the woman’s shoulders and guided her back inside. I heard her saying that the mass at St. Joe’s was not until tomorrow. But it was the middle of the week. I guess they were watching the news tonight. The woman must go inside because the Devil was out tonight. Billie snapped her fingers back at me.

            “We found something we want to show you two. Get dressed,” she said. She was also smoking a cigarette. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her

lipstick was all over her face, giving her a Kool-aid smile. I had wanted to take a napkin, like Momma used to, spit on it and wipe her face but then if I did that, she’d be prettier than me and I wanted this tainted image of her to stay in my mind forever.

            “Look, Billie your eye shadow is smeared. You should take care of that first. You look like a cheap date,” I said and instantly regret it. Dennis and Louie immediately cracked up at this, falling all over the ground, not caring that they were getting their clothes dirty. Louie took a worm and threw it against the tree


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