Two little girls experience a night of sheer terror when they venture out on a Halloween night in 1984 Detroit.

            Louie grabbed Billie’s face but she smacked his hand away. “I know that you are not looking at those hot dogs. Billie, those hot dogs are leftovers from the

Eastern Market. That bum and his lady probably beg the vendors for their scraps at the end of the night. Personally speaking, if it was me, I wouldn’t give him shit. Nah let him starve. Fuckin’ piece of trash!” I was shocked to hear Louie, the nice one of the two talking like this. Dennis started laughing, Billie grinned and even I chuckled to fit in. 

With that said, though, Billie replied, “I still haven’t shown you the surprise.” Her hands motioned for us to follow her south, heading in the direction away from the water tower. We crushed the brown leaves beneath our feet as we followed her. I could see a nun looking out at the night sky from the tall, brown building next to us. We had to pass the homeless man and I was scared a little. The homeless man and the crazy lady were now adding marshmallows onto the ends of sticks. He was watching me and shaking his head.

Dennis tugged me closer to him. Billie and Louie are in front of me and Benny stopped spray painting and yelled for us to not to leave him behind. Down past the homeless man and the crazy woman was an abandoned car. It was black, the color distinguishable due to fire. A pile next to it was filled with debris, old newspaper clippings, a chunk of wood and car tires. Two black boys were already climbing on top of the car’s hood where the car’s windshield used to be. 

As we approached the abandoned car, I noticed how the seats were torn up and padded seat bases were almost stripped bare. The two boys had on leather

jackets with the sleeves missing and fur hats. One would refer to himself as Davy Crockett and the other one said his name was Sam Houston. They had on jeans

with the pant legs cut off and white with black stripe Adidas shoes. The boys told us that they lived in the big apartment building just up the hill near Chestnut St. and St. Aubin. It was one of those high-rises that had long since seen its glory days.

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