Two little girls experience a night of sheer terror when they venture out on a Halloween night in 1984 Detroit.

I held onto him as Gary and Dennis came back over to us with Louie. Harry and Billie leaned up against the car, studying the woman’s face with her still eyes and her hands placed gently on her lap. She died looking into Gary’s headlight. They opened the door. Her purse and other contents were on the other side. Harry suggested we go through them to find someone. I don’t know how he expected us to break the news but I supposed we could.


            Gary spoke then. “We’ve got to get out of here.” He started heading toward the car.

            “What do you mean, Gary?” Dennis said with a look of confusion on his face as well as the rest of us.

            “I mean, we’ve got to leave them here. Once we’re a safe distance away, we’ll stop and make an anonymous call from a pay phone but we’ve got to get out of here. I’m not going to stay around to go to jail,” Gary said.

            “What about the baby? And the mother? We just can’t leave them here,” Dennis replied.

            “No, he’s right,” Harry said, moving over to where Gary was standing, “If we leave, then at least the baby will be saved. The mother’s already dead. Dead. You got that! You want to go to jail? If we stay here now, they might send us away to a place where no one can protect us.”

            “Harry’s right. I’m not going to jail. I’m transferring schools next year. I’m not getting sent away over this,” Gary said, sweeping his arms over his head. Harry pulled out two cigarettes and they began smoking. The baby coughed a little in my arms, spitting up a little food. I wiped his mouth with a handkerchief that I had stuffed inside my bra.

            “So, your solution is just we walk away?” Dennis asked, “Well, I can’t do that.”

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