A short coffee and biscuits story with a slight twist.

  Pricilla put her lipstick on, a frosted mauve colour from the cosmetic books she delivered. Squinting in the mirror she guessed she would do. It didn’t matter anyway because as soon as the left the house the hot flushes would come and wash away her best efforts at fitting in. She clambered into the toilet, yet another affect of her medication. She wondered why nobody has made one that could be fitted in her handbag, then again maybe they had she didn’t know. She stuffed dog biscuits in the plastic shapes she had bought in an effort to stop her three dogs eating what was left of her house. Although she suspected that even they were not impressed by the sloppy hand me down couch they had got a few months ago. This was confirmed by the look her eldest dog gave her as she popped them on the floor, the gist of which being, she would have to do better than that to pay them off. She rushed out to escape licks on her clothes she had already spent ten minutes and a costly packet of cleansing wipes to be stain free. Hair free would have to wait there was only so much a women could do in a day after all.

   Down to the post office to do her errands and to the bank to keep the wolf from the door. The flushes started a mere ten minutes down the road. She could guess what people were thinking as they glanced at her as they over took her on the payment. For yes she was over weight and not i’m going to say I am over weight for compliments over weight. More lying on the changing room floor hot and bothered using a clothes hanger to do up her jeans over weight. Eating two trifles and three bags of crisps in a night over weight. God she could murder a choccie trifle right now, see she even dreamed of food. There should be a stick like they do for smokers that tastes of food, then again maybe they had she didn’t know. 

She made chit chat in the post office, laughing off her flush as they asked if it had been raining outside. The women in the flip flops and maxi dress behind her kind of ruined her confirmation that yes it was pouring it down. She laughed with the jokes and make chit chat about the weather too. Nipping into the super market with her bag for life and remembering her pleases and thank you’s, even when some women with a basket was almost in her arms before she had entered her pin. Why do people do that she wondered. I mean it only makes the person in the front either aggravated or more panicy which then slows down the whole things further. One day she was going to ask lot’s of questions and suffocate the person with a bag. Maybe not today though. She wondered if they would let her take her vitamin e and sage tablets in prison, probably not she would have to smuggle them in perhaps in her bottom.

Home at last and settled, the respectable women with the motherly hand bag and flowery top. Laptop on, internet connected, although that wasn’t always the case but more about that another time. Logged in good job she had saved the user name and password she never would have remembered and she wasn’t very good at paper work. Five customers to work through she better make a start. Yes she agreed I can’t wait to get your private parts in my mouth either, and yes I can’t get any wetter. Just a shame it was more to do with the hot flushes than anything else. Ordering her tesco order as a man declared his love for her for what must be the twentieth time that day. If only people knew. Yes I am playing right now, well surely eating a cheese and onion sandwich would count in some way?

The life of a secret sex texter.

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