Part two carries on the tale of Prototype 1412 and his struggle for survival.

Prototype 1412 is missing (Part two)

1412 walked fast up the gradient to the north exit of the mall. On his left he saw a Gunsmith’s outlet. He opened the glass doors in a hurry. The walls of the store were covered with firearms. In the corner was a man cleaning a shot gun. 1412 strode to him and said,

          “Excuse me, I need a firearm there will be government agents after me and I think they will be armed. I need a semi-automatic rifle please, preferably a A4 or M16”

The young man cleaning the shot gun smiled and tried not to laugh. He replied,

         “Well partner people usually don’t tell the truth so easily they usually say something like, I need a rifle just for home defence I hardly know where to start”

1412 looked confused and started to look behind the attendant at brand new weapons on the boards above. He spotted an M16 .762 calibre rifle he said,

        “Yes good you have one its right behind you to your left, the M16 please and 100 rounds of ammunition. That should do for now”

The assistant didn’t know what to say. He was unsure if the 1412 was an idiot or a funny farm candidate. To placate him he brought out an application for a firearm form and placed it in front of the muscled denim clad man. Then he said,

        “Good choice sir I need your address and two forms of ID preferably a drivers licence and a passport and proof of your address normally a utilities bill”

With that the assistant disappeared behind the door to the store room. 1412 looked at the form and shrugged his shoulders. Straining his ears he could hear through the solid wall what the assistant was saying to his boss,

      “Roger, I’ve got a real nut job in the store. He wants an M16 which is fine but he is talking funny like he is retarded or something and says government agents are after him? You want to serve him he scares me boss”

1412 pulled the M16 from its mounts on the wall and removed the magazine and set it on the glass topped counter. He opened various locked draws by kicking the padlocks clean off the metal hasps. He searched for the correct .762 ammo the third drawer yielded the correct type. He stuffed the rounds into his denim jacket pocket and his jeans pockets then he loaded the magazine carefully and methodically. When the curved magazine was full with 20 rounds he pushed the magazine home into the stock. He then pulled back the bolt against the spring tension and an audible click was heard. 

Liked it
  • Martin Kloess on Aug 2, 2012

    Thank you for sharing.

  • PR Mace on Aug 4, 2012

    Continues to be interesting. On to the end.

  • sloanie on Aug 4, 2012

    I wait with bated breath.

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