Divine love of Radha & Krishna is famous in the entire world.

1.      Radha was the true lover of Lord Krishna.She was not married to Krishna so all of his wives were jealous of Radha as they all knew that Krishna loved her the most.

Out of jealousy one day thay made a plan & brought a burning hot glass of milk for Radha.They asked her to drink it as it was sent to her by Krishna.On hearing this Radha drank the entire glass of milk without complaining.When Krishna’s wives reached into his room they saw that Lord was suffering from pain as he had blisters all over his body.His wives wept on seeing the sight & realised the power of their true love for each other.They repented & took the lesson from this act.

2.     Once Radha heard that her beloved Krishna was very ill.She couldn’t wait to see him.At that time she was living with her in-laws but love sees no boundaries & she just rushed towards Krishna’s place.she ran bare-footed for miles to reach his place.By the time she reached Krishna’s place her feet were bleeding due to the wounds caused by thousands of thorns.When she saw her loved-one, she cried & immediately made herself busy in nursing him.But all the rest present there were surprised to see that Krishna had his chestt bleeding as were Radha’s feet.He told them  that whatever wounds Radha bored on her feet, He took them on his heart & so His chest bleeded.Such was their love.

All of us know & should remember the power of love & should love from the cores of our hearts.If you love someone you will always know the pain of the other & hence their will be no hurting.Spread the feeling of love all over the world.We all humanity should give true  love to all & then ther will be peace all around.

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  • bhawnashukla on Mar 7, 2010

    If anyone knows more stories share them & spread the msg of love

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