The medical care, strongly impressed by the unexpected resurgence of the disease, he wanted to hear again the doctor’s opinion Pellegrini, who appeared for the second time the bed of.

The doctor asked the old lady to care what she had eaten her husband.

-A simple broth with an egg yolk, it said.

-Even if it were a serpent’s egg! exclaimed the doctor, and wanted to know what he had been drinking.

The usual lemon water-stretched.

-Took the air? They open the windows!

-Never! never, never ….

Meanwhile, Dr. Pellegrini was silent. Sitting at the bedside of the sick with his hand on the wrist, his eyes intent on his face, I was watching with rapt attention, as if to scrutinize the thoughts. When the medical care he had finished his examination, the doctor began consulting with the following query:

-Who came to see him today? …

-None at all … said Matilda.

-The Lady, or the maid will have given some news? …

-I read him a letter from the family

-Ah … said Dr. Pellegrini, then turned to his colleague told him: That’s the engine! … here is the agent! and addressed to the lady asked:

-Were attristanti news? …

-Tutt ‘more …. was good news …. everyone is a little ‘better.

-Then he smiled for joy, cried, or consolation?

It has neither Rice nor-cry.

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