This is the answer to a creative challenge- to make a story, poem, or essay out of ten random words. Look for them in the story!
1. Doctor
2. Filter
3. Confidence
4. Deck
5. Promotion
6. Fan
7. Save
8. Down
9. Screw
10. Moving

Small authors note here- I’ve decided to take the character I made for the first random story, and see how long I can keep her story going. They may not ALL have Sara being the first person, but I want to see how far this goes.

Don’t hesitate to give me a challenge! Words to use or a plot line to follow, I love it when I get a goal! Enjoy!

As Sara walked boldly towards the principle to get her diploma, her father Lee watched with pride.

“My little girl is all grown up now.” He remembered clearly taking her everywhere as a child, from trips to doctor’s offices to going to his assorted rentals for home improvement. His renters loved it when he would bring the 4 year old along, because Sara would nearly always ask to play.

There was that one time at the Harold’s property that he had been called to check in on an air conditioner that wouldn’t run. It had turned out that they had clogged the filter, but it was still fun. Sara helped him change it, and then accidentally had gotten dust all over her. She had looked so sad.

“It’s ok honey.” He had said with a smile. “Just walk carefully through the house and then shake off outside.” The confused look on her face nearly made him giggle. He fastened the vent that was taken off for the replacement, and then escorted his daughter outside.

She ran around the grass, shaking and twisting like a little puppy would. Finally, stopping and looking at her father, she smiled.

“Daddy! Watch what I can do!” With a confident expression on her face, she stepped back in the grass. Then, raising her arms, she took two steps forward, and flung her body over to make a wobbly cartwheel. Her shirt flopped in front of her face, and she stopped to straighten it. Flinging her hands above her, she smiled like a sunbeam to her dad, who was standing on the deck.

Smiling at the long-ago memory, he saw his daughter fling her mortarboard in the air, and successfully catching it on the way down. He was so happy for her. Right before graduation, she had gotten that big promotion at work, and he had treated her to a day out with ice cream at the end. That was a hot day.

“Seriously Dad, it is hot! Can you believe it is supposed to be 92 degrees today? It’s not even July yet!” Sara’s mouth pursed into a hard line, as she fanned herself with the magazine she held.

“Well then, why don’t we go get something to cool down?” He smiled at her, taking in how beautiful his daughter looked in her new yellow t-shirt and jean capris that she had just bought. “Just like her mother at her age.” She smiled hopefully at him, opening her eyes wide.

“Do you think we could stop for ice cream again? Like we used to? I have a coupon here…”

Oh, how he loved it when she gave him that wide-eyed stare. It made her look like she was eight again, begging for him to play with her. He never wanted to refuse that girl anything, and thankfully this time, he could accept her simple request.

With a cheeky voice, he replied “Oh, well as long as we’re saving, I suppose we could manage that”, setting down the pieces of wood he had been screwing together. “I can make this bookend later.”

He was jolted back into reality when his son, LJ, bumped into him, trying to get to Sara first. Watching all the people moving en mass towards the stage was like a circus, and navigating through them was no easy task. But in the end, he got to hold Sara, as she tried (and failed) to hold back happy tears.

“Good job, honey. Ya did it.”

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  • mborman on Nov 4, 2012

    I like your story.

  • rborman on Nov 4, 2012

    Good story.

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