A short story on the life of a ruby.

Hello, my name is Ratnaraj the Ruby. I was born in a cave in Burma, 25 miles outside of Yangon in 712 A.D. My father named me Ratnaraj because of a special birthmark that was located on my arm. The birthmark was a sign of royalty and Ratnaraj means “king of precious stones” in Sanskrit. My kind comes from the family of corundum. My cave was home to a few different gems. In my cave lived Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds and many more gems. My mother told me that the Chinese discovered my oldest ancestors in 200 B.C. I am the youngest in the cave but I have many friends and relatives.

I always get made fun of for my lack of wisdom and knowledge, but my father told me that when I grow to be as old as the other rubies, I will be even smarter than them. One gemstone that is only a little bit older is my best friend. This gemstone is one of the rarest in the cave. His name is Sammy the Sapphire. Sammy always tells me adventure stories that took place before I was born. Sammy told me many stories, but there was one that really got me excited. The story was about creatures from the outside world that are called humans. These humans would soon find me and take me out of this cave. I never believe Sammy’s stories, but if they are real I would be very happy to finally get out of this cave.

Another hundred years have passed, and no one has found me yet. I started to give up on the dream of getting out of this cave. I was very tired and did not go to sleep in over 17 years. I decided to go to sleep for 3 years because I needed the energy to stay awake, if I ever get out of this cave. Three years have passed and I woke up from a long and nice rest.  But I didn’t like what I saw when I woke up. I was in strange place with strange people that I have never met.

I did not recognize my surroundings, and my body was a different shape. I was on a golden ring that had nothing to do with my race. I told the gold to get off of me, but he said we were stuck together forever. I asked the ruby next to me what was going on. She told me that while I was asleep, miners came and took me out of that cave because I am a very rare gemstone and that I am worth a lot of money. I did not know what money was and I knew that there something was fishy about these humans.

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