A summary of the Red Dress short story.

In the short story “Red Dress” by Alice Munro, the girl is un-accepting of her mother’s personality. She does not like her mom hanging-out with her and her friend, talking to her friend and acting like them. For example, the mom is always telling melodramatic stories about her childhood and they are always the same stories. These stories embarrass the girl since they are always the same and she doesn’t want her mom talking to her friend Lonnie. In addition to the girl not wanting her mom to talk to her friends she treats her as if she were a child. The mother is making the girl try on the dress she is making for the dance and talking to Lonnie like she is an adult and to the girl as a child who cannot understand words. She says “It will be, if I can ever manage the fit, Ah well, I doubt if she appreciates it” speaking about the girl who is standing right in front of her. This is a sign of disrespect to the girl as the mother is trying to act like the girls. The night of the dance when the girls are leaving, her mother calls out Au reservoir! (a silly play on the French word au revoir). The girl felt that this was also a sign of disrespect since that was her and Lonnie’s word only. Therefore, the girl does not like having her mother around her friend and she does not like her personality around her friend.

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