World War Two soldiers discover a secret horror from the past. Dedicated to Rafaela.

The Lieutenant takes the lead, having the most determination of the four, but also the most practical weapon as well. He turns a corner as he clears the stone staircase that led them downwards and looks around, his eyes widening at the discovery he has made.

About him are shelves of beakers and test tubes and various laboratory equipment that seem alien to the other three men, but seem like old companions to the Lieutenant who looks over them with nods and glares as he searches the shelves with his eyes.

“I can see why they didn’t want to bomb this. Wait til’ the photographers get down here” one of the riflemen remarks, prodding at one of the electrical machines on the wall with his rifle, a hiss and a snap startling him.

“Leave it alone” the Lieutenant tells the soldier with a tone of anger, as he examines the room, looking over the shelves and noticing strange diagrams and charts on the walls, as well as another room.
At that moment footsteps are heard from behind the door. The Lieutenant halts his men with a signal from his hands and all train their rifles on the door, including the Lieutenant who crouches down and crawls towards the noise. The door opens suddenly and out steps a man in a white lab coat carrying various yellow papers in his hands, sloppily and in a hurry. The Lieutenant rushes the man and grabs his collar, gritting his teeth.

“Going somewhere?” he asks him, the man looking terrified as he spills the papers all over the floor.

“Watch him” the Lieutenant tells his men, going into the room and leaving the man to fall to the floor, the rest of the soldiers standing around him and keeping him at bay with their guns.

The second room is a laboratory of some sort and is something that best described the nazi mindset. It was at once, both very modern and even futuristic and yet so archaic. It resembles to one’s eyes the alchemist workshop, had those men existed in today’s time. It was also something terrifying and nightmarish, like the charnel house of old. Within the room were strange charts detailing the human anatomy and various stages of decomposition. Skeletons and body parts were seen adjourning a few tables, grotesque enough to even upset a survivor of the battlefield.

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