A detective deals with finding a serial killer and his brother’s release from prison.

                “No, they don’t,” answered Alan. “At least nothing that has surfaced yet, but I don’t think there’s anything.” With a decade more on the job, he was the expert between the two.

                “So then there can’t be a motive there.”

                “Motive is that whoever this is likes to do it. That’s all. They enjoy killing, particularly by cutting the throat. And as long as this gives them satisfaction, they will continue to kill.”

                “Nothing more than that?”

                “Well since there’s nothing linking these victims other than the M.O., there’s really no other conclusion to draw. There’s no special reason why they were targeted, other than they allowed him to fulfill his bloodlust. If that’s all it takes, then anyone in this town could be next.”

                “Is that what you think we’re dealing with?”

                “I think so, yes.”

                “This crime scene is still being investigated right?”

                “Is it? I don’t know.”

                “I think that’s what the captain said. Forensics or someone was still there trying to find more.”

                “They could be, and I hope they do give us something that usable in getting somewhere.”

                The telephone at Alan’s desk rang. He picked it up during the second ring and answered.

                “Yes?…He’s here…I’ll get him.” Alan turned to Gary with his hand over the speaker. “It’s County.”

                Gary took the phone from him and responded. “This is Dunn…Today? Are you sure?…Alright I see…I can be there in forty-five minutes, will that work?…I’ll be there then.”

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