A detective deals with finding a serial killer and his brother’s release from prison.

                “Sure, Captain O’Neil.”

                “Yes sir,” added Alan.

                “Good, I’ll see you two later.”

                The rest of their day was spent at the smelters facility, where they interviewed the workers there. They learned things that they for the most part already suspected: that James kept to himself and was very mysterious. Several of the interview subjects were not even sure who he was until given a physical description. No one, not even the boss, was aware that he used to be a detective. It seemed he focused on his work when he was there and did not discuss anything else with them. None of what they uncovered helped Gary and Alan all that much, but they finished up with them and went on home.

                When Gary arrived home, he instantly noticed the smell of roast chicken that Laurel was cooking, something that they usually eat on a special occasion. Then he suddenly remembered: Keith was coming for dinner. Keith was Gary and Scott’s older brother who was forty-seven years old and six feet tall. His hair was a lighter blonde than Gary’s, and had began to gray slightly. He was a moderately-successful surgeon who lived several towns over. When he was in high school, he did well enough to qualify for a medical scholarship and this led him to better education opportunities than either Gary or Scott had. He visited Gary somewhat often, mainly whenever his schedule allowed for a free moment. Tonight he was available and had been invited by Gary and Laurel for dinner.

                A few minutes after Gary got in and prepared for dinner, the doorbell rang. Sophie skipped up to the door.

                “Uncle Keith!” she exclaimed, giving him a medium hug.

                “Hi there, Sophie,” he greeted back.

                “Where’s Aunt Paula?”

                “She has a meeting, but she says hi.” Keith’s wife Paula was also a doctor but had work to do that night.

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