Short tale.

. A large group of ragged men with hideous faces and armed with pikes, scythes and spears, lashed back at the two gentlemen, who were prodigies of valor and skill, at the time they reached the reinforcement of Roger and the two goalkeepers , whose bloody swords opened the blatant way in peat. He backed it with cries of rage, and adelantáronse uniéronse the five defenders of the castle and was soon the hall free of enemies. Tristan took the last two and threw them down the stairs, over the heads of his companions.

– Do not follow them! Duguesclin shouted. If we split up we are lost. Little did I mind dying to kill, but I have to protect my poor wife. What do you advise, Baron?

For advice, I am, still do not know what is or what this killing.

-Are those dogs bandits of the forest, the worst breed is known on earth. They’ve taken over the castle. Look out that window.

– The sky is worth me! There are more than a thousand inside the fortress and on the walls. In that group with torches are butchering a goalkeeper. There they throw over the wall to another. On entering the open doors now many large bundles of sticks and branches ….

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