Silly but true, about computer woes.

How dare fate turn its ugly head towards her! After all, karma should have been on her side since she had just given up an entire Saturday to rescue a friends computer from a vicious virus riddled attack.

Having just returned from a truly exhilarating vacation in the Florida Keys, with an aggressive agenda on her return, she finds herself being requested to begin her work day earlier than usual. So on her first day back to work, very groggy, she fixes herself a glass of strong ice, and returns to her desk. Still disoriented, she sets her drink down between her work laptop and her personal laptop. And her hand, seeming to have a mind of its own, swings, as it seems to want to play ball, heading straight for the glass. Batter, Batter, Batter – hit!

The glass of ice tea spills directly into the keyboard of her newly purchased personal laptop. Stunned, she stares at the screen, half hoping its just a dream, and the laptop will keep working. But no, alas, the screen turns black. Awakening from the dream state, she quickly turns the laptop upside down, and the brown liquid gushes out onto the desktop.

Scrambling for a towel, and cleaning up the desk mess, she tries many things to revive her lost laptop. Although the little blue power light comes on, there is never any video. After waiting a few days for the laptop to dry out, and fearing the worst, she swallows her pride and takes her laptop to the best buy geek squad. Sympathetically the geek asks “did you purchase the accidental spill warranty?” He shakes his head sadly as she bravely and honestly answers , “No I did not”. Out of the corner of her eye, one last gleam of hope. “Can you check and see if the data is still any good”. “Sure, he says”, as he removes the drive from the laptop, and disappears into the secret chambers of the geek squad. He returns with a half smile, and reports, the data is good. She wonders, and asks aloud, “how were you able to tell that?”. Well, I just plugged it into our external drive, and I can see all your files”, he confides, but reassuring her he did not look get nosy and look at her private files.

“External Drive” she thinks as she drives home. “How did he plug that into an external drive? I have an external drive. How would that work?” . Going home, she ponders the problem. Once back in her home office, she grabs her external drive, opens it and tries to see if its truly possible to put her laptop drive into her Omega external drive. As she inspects, she concludes that its not possible. She reassembles the drive and goes back about her business. But then again, another thought occurs to her. There’s got to be a way.

Ah, google. Google, how did she ever get along without it. After a few minutes of searching, she finally hits the jackpot. Hard Drive Enclosure. That’s what she needs. If she gets one of those, she can pop her hard drive in there, and simply use it from her work laptop. Yes!  But, there are so many different ones. For instance, 2.5 or 3.5.?  She examines her laptop drive again to see that it’s a Hitachi. She googles again to find the specs for this model of Hitachi. With her search for an enclosure now narrowed down to 2.5 usbs , there are still dozens to choose from. The costs vary reasonably between $20 and $50. At any rate, a great alternative considering she does not have the cash for an entire laptop replacement at this time. She resists her families suggestions to lie about the spilled drink and use the warranty. Why? Just doesn’t feel right. Besides, having a bit of the geek in her, she’s a little excited to have the excuse to try something new. But, you can bet, on her next laptop purchase, she will definitely reconsider the spill warranty.

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