Sarah Scarlotta has a story all her own.

Sarah Scarlotta lived in a rough neighborhood. (She lived near Harrison Street). She had been living there forever. She did not have an easy life, but she often did not let that bother her because she was unafraid of being mean to others.

Sarah lived with her mother, who had just as much of a bad attitude. Her mother took her to the institution, but other than that, she did not pay that much attention to her. She was mostly concerned with work and doing favors for Mr. Germaine. No one really knows who he is or why she always did favors for him.

Sarah had been attending the institution forever, and so had Yellina. They first met when they were in school there together. Sarah liked hanging around with Yellina because she could get Yellina to do whatever she wanted. Yellina would always compliment Sarah, and Sarah liked this. She longed for that attention that she did not get at home.

When Mandy came to the institution and first met Yellina, Sarah noticed that they hung out together a lot. Sarah just assumed that it was because Mrs. Parker knew Mrs. Cronowitz. She did not think that Yellina really liked hanging around with Mandy. Sarah thought that Mandy was a loser. She wanted to be popular, but she never would be. 

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