It was almost surprised to sing “I return my jacket, always on the safe side”, when we hear now about the candidate’s President Sarkozy. The man who promised faster than his shadow, and applied the motto * Chirac at the foot of the letter adds a layer.

 This is the turning of a meeting in Montpellier that the president has cracked a few considerations on education and the school. But what’s fun is not so much to identify the contradictions of the man who runs after a new mandate, faster than his shadow, but ignorance of the contemporary world and that education can now demonstrate.

 A school of MA Republic

 Thus, our president, for at least another few weeks, asserts, with an incredible assurance: “I prefer to structure a school of thought, which raises the spirit, to a school where every child has a digital tablet offered by the board General with taxpayer money, but nobody cares to enjoy books with children. “

Dear President … How you doing here demonstrates a lack of vulgar curiosity as much as interest for the future. And like you we PROVED once again how you can be refractory to technology …

 Especially that speech of Montpellier, for this particular passage, began, according to the Nouvel Observatory, for these words: “I am convinced that the Internet era, Victor Hugo, Flaubert, Maupassant, Proust, it is not exceed [...] I am convinced that we can not make a better gift to our children who spend so much time before their screens that make them love books. “

 Lessons to be learned, as you pull the wild ducks

Ah, now that he begins to read, on the advice of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, now gone head librarian of the Elysee, now our president previously reluctant to the idea of ​​opening The Princess of Cleves , would now be convinced by the great novelists of the nineteenth century?

 Above all, it would be appropriate to the more carefully gringue publishers, valuing the paper book, and least for OEMs and manufacturers of tablets? It is true that, while attached to tell a little about what goes through his head, Nicolas Sarkozy was in fact offering publishers to form a professional organization, to redeem all FNAC stores, mid-January.

 that same president, who had been pinned in the state of the art by Antoine Gallimard, during the Book Fair Brive-la-Gaillarde. It’s that man, also president of the National Union of publishers, had lamented, in the middle of the visit of Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy “never had the time to come to Paris Book Fair.”

Chapeau Melon, and leather talonettes

Yes … So, obviously, how to say that textbook publishers are not the first targeted with these stories of shelves that do not like books or reading?

But that’s not all. And finally, the paradoxes of the man always catch the reporter who had hoped to escape: Nicolas Sarkozy does not know what he says, it has to be seen. Because in the Project 2012 proposals of the UMP party he is supposed to embody, represent and defend, what can be read at the ninth entry? “Generalizing all institutions use the digital textbook”

A proposal dated June 28, 2011, of course, and we know, in Sarkolandie, how one year can be volatile. But finally, it is well written as follows:

 ”In 2009, the Department launched an experimental” digital textbooks and ENT “in 65 colleges from twenty departments equipped with an ENT.

Through specific funds (nearly € 1300 per class), this experience has allowed each college to have access to four digital textbooks. The parliamentary report by Jean-Michel Fourgous said that the digital manual is the culmination of a strong public-private partnership, led between the Ministry of Education, county councils, educational publishers, broadcasting platforms textbooks and vendors of ENT.

The manual provides a new digital pedagogy and promotes a more personalized work of the student. It should lead to better learning, thanks to hyperlinks. This tool also has the advantage, to reduce the weight of school bags for students. “

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