Talk about creepy.

John was looking for the woman of his dreams, he thought he’d found her online. (What could possibly go wrong with meeting someone online,afterall,right?) It was eerie though that she had the uncanny ability to seemingly read his mind. (There is a reason this is eerie, which you’ll find out later in this tale.)

The woman (who we will call Alex) used to work in a laboratory (or at least that’s what she told John.) Little did John realize that his meeting her online (and her subsequent story of working in a lab) were both carefully orchestrated. It turned out her supposed colleagues were running an experiment,but the experiment ran amok, and now John was the unsuspecting test subject.

As it so happened, Alex was an engineered lifeform invented to read John’s mind (that is how she and he managed to click so well)

She knew his every thought, every move, so she could either be one of 2 things, the perfect wife….or ultimate stalker.

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