A short story about a peasant named Blythe who dreams of becoming a brave and handsome knight. Little does he know, his wildest dreams are about to come true!

The peasant boy, named Blythe, swept the steps of the shop wishing that he was up in the castle. He stopped and took a long look at the castle. He wished he was there.

          Meanwhile in the castle Princess Lorna and King Holden were having a heated discussion. It was involving the amount of free time Lorna got to have each week. The king insisted that there was no time for fooling around. It was a serious position she was in and it was important to maintain a standard of nobility. The princess got upset and ran off and kept on running. She ran all the way out of the castle and ran towards Trarek Forest. She ran and ran until she could not anymore. The magic spell that the wizards of the castle had put on her to protect her had little effect out in the forest. She sat down and sobbed. She hated her life. She hated what her father made her do just to be princess.

          She sat there and sat there waiting for her father to send guards to return her to the castle but they never came. She did not care. It would be good if they did not come. Then, then forest around her got deathly dark. The wind howled and the princess’ spine tingled. There was something evil here. Out of the shadows came a demon that glowed with the fire of a thousand burning forests. He laughed and with an explosion, the princess was gone along with the demon.

          Blythe was finally finished his job. He smiled as he looked at the good work he had done. Now he could go home. He heard shrieks and screams coming from people who were pointing at the sky. In the sky was an enormous black cloud in the shape of a skull. Blythe had the sudden instinct to help. His mind raced and his muscles throbbed. He glanced down at his chest and saw his amulet glowing.

          The amulet was a gift from his father as he lay on his death bed. He said that it had been passed down through the generations. He had told him that it would help him someday. I held the power to save lives and that its value was more than that of a thousand king’s treasures. He did not quite know what that meant so he decided that he should keep it and not sell it no matter what.

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