There is no use of giving power to one who actually doesn’t deserve it.

Once upon a time an old man lived in Varanasi. He had a very intelligent friend. The old man’s wife was a very young and a beautiful lady. The old man had a son whom he loved more than his wife. One day the old man thought, “I can’t trust my young wife. If I am dead this lady would surely marry someone else. They would spend all my hard-earned money for their luxurious life. My son would be left with nothing. There fore, it would be better if I bury all my wealth some where for my kid.”

He along with his loyal servant Nandu. Both of them went to the forest and buried all the wealth at a place. Then the old man told his servant, “nandu! You are a very servant loyal. After my death it is your duty to give away all this wealth to my son. Tell my son to use this wealth wisely”. Nandu agreed. After very few days the old man died. After few years his son completed his education and returned home. His mother told him. “Dear son! As your father was suspicious about me he must have hidden all his wealth at some place. I believe that nandu knows this. You ask him about the details. If you get that wealth, you can get married and live comfortably.”

The son asked nandu about his wealth. Nandu revealed the truth that all the wealth was buried in the forest and that he know that place.

Both of them went to the forest. As soon as they reached the place where they buried all the wealth there was a sudden change in Nandu’s attitude. Though he was just a servant yet he felt proud, as he was the only person who knew about the place where all the wealth was buried. He started saying. “Your life is insignificant. There is no point in you knowing this secret.”

The son felt insulted but he never said a word in return. He was surprised at Nandu’s behavior. They returned empty handed.

They went together to the forest twice again. On both occasions Nandu behaved in the same manner. The son thought, Nandu behaves normally at his place. He would say that he would tell him about the secret. But as soon as they go to the forest there he starts behaving weirdly he went and told what all happened to his father’s friend.

He listened and said, ” you go to the forest along with Nandu again. When he starts abusing you make a note of the place where he is standing. Then tell him that he has no right to abuse you that way and send him away. Then you dig at that place. You would certainly find the wealth there. There is a psychological weakness in Nandu. There fore he turns proud when he reminds himself of his importance.”

The son did the same thing. He got the wealth and utilized the wealth wisely as said by his father’s friend.

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