Plant a seed, grow some weed, i guaranteed, that this crop, would drop, me a fly top, and i don’t stop, no moe, cuz my five doo, the Subaru, ya you know how we do, fuckin stoned, all alone, and home, wanna have lady, over because then maybe, she would realize, that to open her thighs, would benefit her, cuz when im fucking her, she’ll be hallering, and i be ballin, because im SWJ, i blow that bitch away, and im smoking on a jay, because today, i watched a movie , and damn it was groovy, bout this box dude, ina town dat was rude, and ensued, the shotgun, and had a lot of fun, shooting the place up, blowing vaces cups, reaching in the fake ducts, and not stoppin for fuzz, because, they was, corrupt, and abrupt, to shoot a gun, at someone, who is unarmed, they want to do harm, let em.

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