A short story about the idiosyncrases of sex workers and thier clients.

In the city of brighton and hove a thriving underground industry flourishes, sex sells in the city by the sea. Brighton is a magnet for the dispossesed, the different and those that want something that little bit dangerous or edgy. I know quite a few working girls including one quite entrepurinal girl whos opened her own brothel. Her stories could keep a soap opera going for years!!!!!!!!

In a typical working day a girl can work for up to 18 hours, sitting in a tiny room swathed in cigarette smoke with up to 8 other girls. On a busy day they see up to 12 men,all of whom (apparantly) have a ‘I say I pay’ attitude. Most of thier clients are strange and have weird demands.Some of the girls have been trafficked meaning they never see a single penny of thier money and have no choice but to work. It makes me so sad to think of girls like this.

Any man who sees working girls ,I would implore them to please only see INDEPENDENT escorts. Those girls work for themselves and keep every penny of the money they earn. They advertise on the internet and english girls are NOT trafficked. If the demand for trafficked girls falls, the supply will too, it stands to reason. INDEPENDENT escorts work from thier own homes, please stay away from brothels.

A girl I know (lets call her amanda) started i the sex industry at the age of 16, she worked a five day week for 10 years , shes now twenty six years old and runs a thriving brothel of her own.(I cant say where) She refuses to deal in trafficked girls and runs her place with a iron fist (literally-shes a dominatix!!!)

success stories are rare in the sex industry though- A woman should not have to sell her body to survive. You and only you have the rights to your body. NEVER consider the sex industry- theres always another way .

to all the women out there…………..peace, love , and harmony to the goddess that is within xxx

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