From the movie: Shake Hands With The Devil, about the genocide in Africa between the Hutus and Tutsis.


Shake Hands with the Devil

In my opinion, the devil could be referring to the person that started the genocide, or is in control. Romeo shakes hands with the Hutu leaders and that could be referring to the devil.

In the beginning of the movie, Romeo was calm and collective. As time went by, he started getting frustrated and worried. Finally, at the end he gets very emotional and starts to cry. He gets so emotional and tired that he asks his superior if he could be relieved of his command. Romeo’s level of responsibility changed throughout the film. But he was not able to do more about it because he was taking orders from his superior. If he personally was able to make the decision, he would have done something more. In a few parts of the movie, he did disobey his superior, but not to a level that caused him to lose his job. The killing were well organized, the Hutus already had 30,000 militia. Some men were able to get guns, while others had grenades and machetes. The Hutus wanted to kill off the Tutsis.We learned that genocide is the deliberate killing of a racial or cultural group. That we should do something to help the people in Rwanda.

 United Nations: Asked Romeo to serve as force commander of the UN assistance mission to Rwanda. They sent Romeo 2,600 troops, I think this helped Romeo.

 United-States: The U.S. refused to block the Hutu radio transmissions.

Belgium: Called for a withdrawal of its troops because the Hutu militias killed 10 Belgian paratroopers. Most of Romeos troops were Belgian.

France: Sold the Hutus weapons and trained their guards.

Romeo Dallaire: Served as force commander of the UN assistance mission to Rwanda.

The Hutus: One of the two main groups in the genocide, they are the aggressors.

The Tutsis: One of the two main groups involved in the genocide, they are the victims.

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