He way of a warrior is a path that leads only to the doors of Death. The warrior walks this path only to arrive there to which he must enter. This is unlike the way of the ascetic who lies patiently awaiting death and humbly receives him; as it is said by them: when Death comes knocking, greet him at the door. The warrior on the other hand does not lie idly by awaiting death but actively sets forth in search of it for he is the master of his own destiny so he chooses his own death.

The Sea of Endless Thought- Draft 1

The Path

                       The warrior approaches not the doors of death with reverence but rather strikes it down with his sword, for he is not afraid of death! Death is never absent from his abode for the warrior always finds him, nor is death ever present in his abode for he visits the ones who have not taken up the sword. So, when Death comes knocking, greet him at the door; upon arriving at the doors of death yourself, strike it down! Such is the teachings of the masters, both sages and warriors alike.

        There was once a warrior who was undefeated in all his battles called Katsurou Nobu. He laid waste to all obstacles in his path, friends and foes alike. He was as ruthless as they come but that is the nature of a warrior and he was respected for that. It is said that Katsurou was cut down many times in battle yet somehow managed to survive. So they say even death was afraid of him, so it wouldn’t take him! It wasn’t until the warrior days of Katsurou had ended that death came knocking. On his 95th birthday he slept all day. It is said that Katsurou died that day in his sleep for he showed no signs of life. He awoke in the evening after the sun had set but he was no longer Katsurou.

    There was a great sage who was known throughout the land for his enlightening teachings, he was called Katsurou Nobu. He brought comfort to all those who had sought him out and was selfless in all his actions. Being an old man that Katsurou was, it is said that he was visited by death countless times as he slept. He was thought to be dead many times only to awaken as if from a very sound sleep. A great war overcame the lands and all sought Katsurou’s wisdom to bring peace.  The day the war ended saw the most deaths in all the land in one day. It is said that Katsurou set forth on a journey that very day towards the battlefield and when he returned, he was no longer Katsurou.

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