Short story about laziness and why its terrible here in america.

Just wanted to start off by saying why are people so lazy? Being lazy and taking shortcuts leads to taking more shortcuts in life and also affects ones lifestyle. Here in america we are spoiled to a degree that on most days we don’t have to lift a finger to get work done.  Children aren’t playing outside anymore, and parents don’t dont have to walk/run/drive anywhere to pay a bill (i know i don’t because my computer does it all for me :) ).  Could this be a contributer to our now obese world?  100 million americans are suffering from obesity and it has become the leading cause of death in america (car accidents was no.1).

This article is meant to have some comic relief and not just to bore you with factual information.  But let me share some stories with you I have seen first hand. 

First off,  grocery shopping.  Have you ever been done grocery shopping and as you bring your cart out to your car you notice the car/or cars behind you is following close behind.  The person in the car is hoping that you will stop at a car that is close to the store because they are too damn lazy to walk.  Sometimes i like to just keep walking to see how far they actually follow me :) .  You’d be surpised to know that I have seen a couple drive around the parking lot 15 times (no exaggeration here) before being satisfied with the parking spot.  If I hadn’t stopped to count thier laps I could of jogged roughly 2.2 miles in that time. 

Second,  I am a retail manager in a convenient store.  One of the worst things I see during the day is trash/ paper etc.  It is our job as managers to ensure clean stores.  If you can relate to this you might notice that most of the trash/debri you find is actually right next to the trash cans….WTF!? be considerate and pick it up if you can’t make it to the trash can jeez.  

Third,  I went into a CVS one day and the girl behind the counter (who was extremly overweight) asked her teammates if they wanted anything from the Arbys at the end of the strip for she was going on break. The Arbies was probably 75 feet away at the most.   Of course I witnessed as i got out of the store her getting into her car….(my thoughts were maybe she changed her mind and will be eating somewhere else).  Like you thought she drove that 75 feet all the way to the arbys.  Only thing that came to my mind and excuse the language was “fat lazy bitch”.

Anyway I could take this topic to a whole new level but I just had this on my mind and wanted to share this with you all.  Hopefully you will take the time to maybe coach someone of these terrible habits.  Or even avoid doing them all together.  

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