A touching story about humanity.

Here, you can hear absolute silence. Here, you can find drought lands. Here, you can sniff disgusting smell. Here is where I lived.


       My name is Karl. I have four siblings who are younger than me. Including myself, my family consists of seven people. Since I am the oldest among my siblings, I am responsible for all kinds of chores, which include cleaning our house, getting water from the well, and sometimes working with my parents in the fields. Every day, I work like a robot. In order to get enough water, I have to carry a bulky wooden tub and walk for two kilometers from my home. Yet, the tub is becoming old and so there are many small loopholes inside. Sometimes, water droplets are dripped down to the ground from a leak in the tub. Therefore, our family always faces the malady of water shortage. Some years ago, a deplorable disaster occurs in our fields. It is flooding. As for farmers, the fields are the property of them. Therefore, it is a great disaster once the lands are flooded. Now, we are still working hard in order to renew our fields.


        Although there are many people in our family, it doesn’t help to improve our living standard. Instead, we have to share the food and space with one another. So, when the number of people in our family increases, I have to work harder in order to gain more food for them. In my family, all of my siblings are too young to work in the fields or to get water. In such a case, I am so important that my siblings cannot live without me. However, as I work extremely hard every day, I will get sick easily. As I remembered that I was sick for a week last year. During the days, not only did my parents need to take care of me, but also needed to get food and water for us. As we are too poor, we cannot afford the money for seeing a doctor. Luckily, I recovered a week after.


         One time when I was getting water from the well, I hurt my arm accidentally. I felt very depressed with it. When I returned home, I saw my siblings playing at our house. I was extremely discontent with them at that time. I thought that they are all helpless and I nearly wanted to give up. I eagerly look forward to sleep at my home forever and forget all the chores. Nevertheless, I chose to be optimistic. At last, I took a rest and then continued to work in the fields.


         The environment and facilities of my living place is abominable as well. In fact, there is no facility here at all. The land is always drought. And there is also a shortage of wells. So, we always do our farming work far away from our home. But since there is no transportation tool, we have to walk all the time. Now, I don’t feel tired even if I am asked to walk for a long distance.


         We are very poor but we still have a radio at home. It is very old but it can still be used. I usually listen to the radio to relax myself. May be it is the only entertainment I have. One day when I was listening to the radio, I heard that people in other countries have a chance to go to school every day. But as I know, my family is very poor so they cannot send me to the school. However, I really hope that I can have an opportunity to study one day. It is the only thing that I want and I wish…….


          Nowadays, many teenagers give up themselves because of some miner obstacles. They always complain what they don’t have but never think what they have. “Happy is he who is content.” When will those spineless people understand this point?

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