The monastery held a large maatiluksia, which makes the nuns also engaged in farming and animal husbandry, but we did not have time to take a closer search for those departments. I liked the monastery visit to succeed as non-, if we do not see, and meet with abedissaa. When I suggested that the friends, the Germans would take with him was his, so they settled in, because they liked it nokkamaisena. But I had my mietteeni and I thought that if abedissalla is a common human reason, then he must prefer to have respect for it as discourteous address that evank.luteerilainen the priest is to see him. So I went up to him, I and other club encouraged him, and went under. Abedissa took us a big hand in the room. He was about 45-year-old woman, her fine, feminine features and a very pleasant way of behavior. He took a very heart-against us, and showed me the place where he said Tobolsk arhhierein usually sit when visiting the monastery. My wife seemed very pleasant to him, because he came over and over to clap him. We were asked to stay for tea. Abedissa told that they had three sisters and all the nuns. Their father was a merchant Tyumen, and his death was told that his äidittömät orpotyttönsä were kept in the monastery.

Upon adulthood, they were each decided to start nunniksi. Maybe then had abedissan or someone else’s earnings, but the exemplary cleanliness and order prevailed throughout the monastery. Not a trace of the pregnancy, and grim, which is considered to be strange ylimalkaan monastery. Päivänpaisteisia were happy and rooms with windows and curtains.

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