People are a trip. Some not all.

Oh I am upset , to the point where I could just slap the holy curse word out of this man! Some people are really crazy  and don’t know how to behave in a professional manner what so ever.

The story starts out in November of 2010. I saw a tax place near by so I stopped in to get my taxes done of course. So I left my tax papers with the guy thinking I could trust this major company to hold on to my W-2 tax form  untill it was time to file them like now January.

The next thing I notice this guy is never at the office and it’s been closed a lot lately. So one day I walk past and this other guy is moving boxes around. I asked the guy about well so I don’t get sued for saying his real name lets call him statue of liberty. So I track statue down to a whole other location the same company. So I have been calling him and his boss to basically find my money . Him and his boss claim they can’t find my paper work after months.

I spoke to his boss and she tells me that I just need to call I.R.S and order another one. I felt like jumping through the phone or walking into the office oh wee if slapping was legal boy I tell you.

Instead of doing that I calmly told her that if I had any kind of trouble filing my tax return that they would see me in small claims court for fraud. I also let her know how when I met the guy statue & he was working on my return, that he pulled a stupid trick on me telling me the little girl  I was looking after had run off. The little girl was sitting in her chair quietly.When I looked back over at him he was trying to clean up the cobra beer he had  spilt while my head was turned.

So since his boss was of course siding with him I told her about how he was drinking beer on the job. He played with my money, so I sure played with his ha ha hope he gets fired.

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  • learnandearn on Jan 14, 2011

    good post

  • CHIPMUNK on Jan 14, 2011

    great share

  • jimbob1 on Jan 16, 2011

    SexyH…I think I would notify IRS right away and let them know the steps you have taken starting back in November and the chronological steps that you have taken so that when the time comes for you to file your tax papers and you can’t that IRS is well aware of your situation rather than waiting until the last minute and it will sound like you are making excuses for filing late…it sounds like quite a fly-by-night operation…thanks for sharing the problem…too bad you can’t identify the company…you could kind of identify them by saying the name of the company sounds like “——” anyway, I voted that I like this submission…hopew you get satisfaction real soon…thanks and take care…

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