“When he once asked what the devil means ostjakilta ostjakin language, said this:” are not allowed to say his name to the sinner. “Professor stood up and gave ostjakille slap in the face and the herd:” do you say now what the devil means! ” Ostjakki would you say the word quietly that the sinner. “

During the summer months, when all Obilta Irtishiltä and left boats ply their way past the Tobolsk and Tyumen back, there is life and movement. By contrast, all the dead and quiet in the winter.

Within the city itself is a monastery, where I was never käyneeksi; the other hand, I was with my wife once in a convent, which is ten versts from the city, and I want to tell the reader of this journey.
 Arovaan Russia does not have to travel long distances before someone sees the monastery, and the fantastic domes tornineen. But in Greatland, on the other hand there are those very few and far between. Tobolsk is a large kupernissa my knowledge, only three monasteries, and all of these Tobolsk city, or the environment.

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