Short tale.

-Between the island and the promontory there is a channel, said the captain told me the pilot of the royal prince in person. See if the Galleon obey my hand, loaded with water and go, and immersed a fathom more than it should.

-Come, Master, said Mr. de Butrón, twice has been favorable fortune in the imminent dangers of the day, and if we protect now, I vow to the blessed Santiago de ….

-Have the tongue, Butrón friend, that if you continue to attract end by offering you tents of the holy indignation ….

-I beg to ordenéis soldiers lying on deck and stand still, said the captain. Within a few minutes we will be saved or will have reached our final hour.

Archers and armed men obeyed promptly. Golvin clung to the wheel and stared forward, swollen below the mainsail. The two leaders, still astern, include the dreaded bar. Galleon finally reached the breaking Amarillo, avoiding obstacles and in short time, leaving behind any danger, sailed the calm waters of the Garonne

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