Nissa tells Fred about how the presentations went.

When Nissa came home from the presentation day, she was hoping that Fred would still be up. She went over to his apartment and knocked on his door. She hoped that he would want to talk.

Fred opened the door and said, “Nissa! I’m so glad you’re back! So tell me, how was it?” She said, “Oh Fred, I don’t even know what to do anymore. The students did well tonight, and of course Mrs. Waverly told them how wonderful they did, and I don’t know. It just doesn’t help them out in the real world, when they go to the other presentations, and then they fail.” Fred asked, “Are you positive that they are going to fail?” Nissa said, “I wish I wasn’t. Back in the day, I never used to think like that. But now, well, you got me thinking. What if I really do live in denial?” Fred knew that he would have to think very hard about this. He was not very good with abstract thought.

He sat there with her and said, “What do you mean?” Nissa said, “Well, I think that back in the day, I believed everything that Mrs. Waverly said because I didn’t know any better. I still don’t know much about the real world now, but I do know that there is something wrong with her way of thinking.” Fred said, “Yes, there must be, because it sounds as if she lives in the past.” Nissa thought about this and said, “She does. In her mind, nothing will ever change.”

Fred said, “If that is the case, then you need to make sure that you don’t follow what she does. You need to make sure that you know the things that you need to know in order to succeed and to get out of this mess.” Nissa said, “I know, but how do I get out of this mess if I live in the past too?”

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