Hairs on an injured man lead Stanley the Stoat to investigate a cold case on a missing girl.

                “What I’m getting at is that the tower cannot be seen from outside the forest. You knew she was here because you were the one that put her here.”

                He cuffed her and handed her off to the officers.

                “Thank you for that,” said the mother, “but now where is our daughter?”

                Stanley spun around sniffing, and then settled to the ten o’clock position. “This way.”

                Everyone else followed as he led the way picking up on the scent. They travelled through the forest and eventually found her resting in a small earthen hovel. Her hair was cut short and she seemed exhausted.

                “Who, who are you?” she stammered weakly.

                “I’m Stanley, I’m here to rescue you,” he said. “Come on out, your parents are here for you.”

                She stood up. “My parents?”

                “Yes, and they’ve missed you for so long.”

                Running out of the hovel, she landed in their arms crying.

                “I always knew I would find you someday!” she exclaimed.

                “Us too,” said her father.

                “Come, let’s all go to the hospital,” Stanley said. “Your Prince awaits.”


…And they all lived happily ever after.



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