A mild joke at cloning and the hoo-ha around it.

The clusters of fractured voices rang out all treble and bleeding atonal, seeming to impart themselves into your throat, an unknown face taking up residence behind your own, giving you the feeling that what you’d looked at in the mirror your whole life was only there because you hadn’t realized it could be taken off;

“It was a cerebral mycotoxin developed by the Russians, transmitted on narrow frequency, tonal and atonal noises pitched in sequence…the general idea, or hope, was to stimulate adrenalin, cause hypertension, especially in niggers…it was dreamed up as a population pruning measure….they even featured the thing on a few rap records…it worked best combined with images though.

“Blacks generally suffer higher levels of hypertension than any other race, which was the basis for the experiment. Also, there was the bonus that blood pressure is quite expensive to treat, requiring at least two forms of medication. The sequence is proven to cause sickness, dizziness, and induce epilepsy…which as you can imagine, coupled with the right image at the right time can be quite powerful…

“Mind you, the overall goal was to induce aneurism, through gitating the overproduction of cortisol…never did manage to get it to work…still gives off quite an ‘air’ though…We’ve got it wired up to their microphones for the conference today. It should even come over on the secondary footage the press record…so get your earphones in…”

We headed through the foyer, Dr. Tozudo turns to security on the lobby floor; “Hope you’re screening all these press thoroughly-don’t want some wild eyed extremist getting in and stamping his grapes of journalistic wrath all over the cover of some crappy tabloid!”
They were using the fall readers to survey all press. The fall reader, patented 20__, can only be used by fully trained members of the obscene body. This is to keep people from learning that it is little more than a shoddy gadget used for intimidation purposes and to induce self-conciousness and anxiety in the interviewee. It simply measures galvanic skin responses from ‘minor ‘to ‘major’ through ‘chromatic’ questions. The chromatic reading runs through guilt, shame, doubt, fear, liability, non-existence, normal, affluence, and power. The interviewee’s hands are forced into heavy steel gauntlets, told to hold their hands out, palms down, for an accurate response-failure to keep the hands steady results in bad reaing (the interviewer makes sure you know this.) Specific, more important tests involve fifty questions, briefer tests only 25; all based on religious, political, and sexual orientation, all directed as proposition;

“You are of Sikh heritage are you not?”

“You are aware of your anti-Semitic leaning? Is this because of your hate towards your parents?”
“You have feminist/chauvinist tendencies, isn’t it?”
“You lean more toward conservative ideals, don’t you?”
“You have indulged in homosexual relations?”
“You are the more passive partner sexually, are you not?” And response time is a factor….
Tozudo speaks;”They’ve already kicked out four press people.” They stood outside two cameramen, one sound man and a 9 o’clock girl from a sub-channel….they are filming contemptuously soundman James Holdings broken thumb-he holds it out his injury like a gormless ape-”Lindsay Pink reporting , from outside where we were invited to report on a scientific discovery by the obscene body, but instead, tonight, we report our outrage and injustice by our brutal handling and eviction from the building…” The cameraman zoom in on her cleavage.

Inside the conference room, Tozudo is talking to bewildered member of the press, his fleeting manner not shedding any light on why the conference has been called, until; “…my efforts, and subsequent breakthrough in human cloning are not, as such, advocated by any government bodies, but neither are they condemned..let’s say what i have done is not, strictly speaking, human-i mean, i have not cloned humans, per say..i will also say that certain people did not stop me, either…a small amount of ‘people’ who like the larger body of people to see things their way….

“The human animal is fundamentally flawed, my developments do not suffer such flaws-can we invite them in now please? Abbreviated from Surrogate Terrestrial Animal Modification, but I will introduce them to you as STAN-153, STAN-154, STAN-155, AND STAN-156…”
Shock and awe envelopes the room as the full eleven clones are bought in, fully naked, their bodies sprouting thick pubic hair in random, massive bursts over dark olive, coarsely goose-pimpled skin, and a proud indifference across all their faces to boot. They all sit, saying “Good afternoon” in unison, in voices of bruised feminity, except one, whom Tozudo holds back.

“Now see, ladies and gentlemen? (Holds a hand to a seemingly female crotch) just like a woman, but now…the prestige…show them all now, 157…” Stan 157 nods glimly, turns to its side as a massive erection sprouts from its pubic region. Shock and awe. “Now, i understand that certain elements of this broadcast (grabs the cock) such as this, cannot be broadcast, but please, as biologists of the obscene body we implore you to report this as honestly and objectively as possible.

One of the journalists pukes up; the woman next to him starts patting him on the back; “What’s the matter with you? Can’t you make it to the toilet like anybody else?”
“Jesus…i don’t know…feel like i’m having a fit…” Tozudo butts in; “What’s the matter with you can’t you make it to the toilet like anyone else?” He turns to the room; “Ladies and gents, you have twenty minutes with the STAN’s to ask them any questions you may have…keep them snappy.”

What do you think of the world i have not seen enough of it yet to solidify an opinion but in light of my learning i am sure we will be integrated over a period of time until then we will not be allow ourselves to take a position in society, or allow ourselves to become martyrs of the human animal do you have a religion need for religion is born mostly out of the human fear of death we are free of such fears hopes or despairs stands of our DNA will be replicated over and over can you make love to yourself i self-fornicate at least seven times a day awful dull in these labs you know following this announcement we will begin to impregnate ourselves a clone birthing a clone whats your favourite drink i personally embellish cherry cola do you smoke no it is bad for you what is your favourite food i am partial to sirloin steak with dolcelatte cheese and mash food pills helps build up the immunity cigarettes contain formaldehyde nicotine carbon monoxide in 6mg 7mg 0.5mg quantites and i forget what else will you be joining the working world i have never been allowed to venture into a nightclub although i have viewed thir decadent glory online and i must say my interest is aroused don’t say that word STAN i am dripping i feel they represent the shortcomings of a materialstic society what do you think of the war on terror on a day to day basis threads preferably soft cotton the working world not until our number have significantly increased we are expecting casualties terror is a word it is hard to wage war on a word although not impossible apparently burning books under political directives has happened many times throughout history how well educated are you we have spent 22 years in full time education do you find humans i mean normal people attractive i forgive the slur but it is not misplaced yes we are very tactile sensual beings thanks to the engineered nerve ending all over our bodies and are prone to fuck anything senseless haahaa and that would include any willing person although are ejaculation times are painfully short due to said nerve endings but i have considerably good self control are you individuals personality and identity are misleading terms we are not identical but we are not separate either the ego does not translate well through our nervous systems we are fluent in several languages how many languages can you speak…

Tozudo lights a cigarette. He’s pleased with the reception of his modified miracles, hoisting his legs up onto his desk, peering proudly at the front page of a tabloid; “MODIFIED MIRACLES OR WARPED GENETICS?” “Modified miracles has the better ring to it….they love to coin a phrase these people…anyway, today is a big day; we had the miracles fertilize themselves last night-this is so much more than a just a virgin birth…”
The Modified gestation period is, for better or worse, modelled on the Emerald Cockroach Wasp (Ampulex compressa)…initially a strand of DNA put in place to control over-breeding, also to prevent the clones from breeding with humans, but the catch is pretty horrific; after fertilizing themselves (gestation is 209 days) the newborn will literally eat its way out of the mother at the end of this period-but the problem arose early–after scans, the clones were shown to fertilize an egg within an egg that harboured four quickly developing foetuses that slowly ate through the parent’s womb, slowly emerging on the outside of her stomach. Attempts to sedate the parent resulted in addiction to painkillers in the newborns, and killing the carrier did not stop the growth of the children, being ultimately parasitoid. “This is going to be hard to tell the Obscene body.” Tozudo said to himself.

Ahmed was blind in one eye, the other clouded by zealous hate. His voice is soft and feline as he speaks into the webcam; “The Houri (Maidens of paradise) will be waiting for me…beautiful girls…One finger of theirs is like all the rays of the sun….they are the queens of women; praise Allah, i can smell their skin even now…” They caught him on a motorcycle outside the Obscene Body building following subsequent comments about ‘modified monstrosities perishing’. His back pack full of weed killer and TNT and loose nut and bolts for shrapnel; he was identified before he could detonate the bomb.
Tozudo is indifferent to the animosity directed toward his creations; “…in fact we’re banking on casualties the way things are now, to control the species…we can’t be seen doing this ourselves…closest we’ve come to that is hiring a few AID’s ridden Casanova’s to make modified wuppy…but, i will say no more-asks no questions, i’ll tell no lies…”

His statement to the press upon the integration of the STAN’s into the working community; ” They will be the new heroes of our worlds economies, and in time will be seen as rightly so and advantageous-heroes requiring no monuments, or thanks, saviours of our species, medically trained to deal with the epidemic number of preventable diseases that are crippling our fine countries, relieving pressure from a healthcare system that cannot meet demands. Not only are they the saviours of these fine institutions-they are also the most profitable invention since sliced bread… and the television.”
The fem-reich became notorious for it’s symbol-a saluting fist before a swastika of roses and their alignment to the ‘modified cause’ The reich was dissolved after several police casualties during a fem-reich march; their leader Yabba was arrested following an anonymous tip off; the clone union is later quoted as saying; “Believe me-a rebel is only any good when it’s a film star or an artist. These biologically backward specimens with their male hating socialist ethic was worse than slavery…we’re no-one’s mascot or breeding militant…”

Yabba later escaped custody, going into exile. She is currently suspected o being in the Bahrein islands. The 20__dictionary definition of Clone was something like ;”Modified person, STAN, Radian baby, slave worker.”

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