Storie five.

the chapel
We were once at camp me and my girlfriend. we were a week
in melle hetw as fun and we did Tuesday we went to melle speelplaatd of where we could play it was fun me and my girlfriend
saw in the distance a very old chapel standing it looked deserted me and my girlfriend went resolutely
to saw a front yard but was surrounded by around a gate we went into it what it was open and you saw a big open door that was the entrance of the kapel.ik and my girlfriend went inside and saw that everything had been thrown down. Excitement and weightings to hear scary noises that we thought just our imagination was.ik was afraid and said we’d better go away but my friend she could no I want to take a good look I do it so you take it I’m afraid come along! they do not they only way I get. happened that I waited on her to the swings and I waited and waited and I waited it against the leader of that they are in the chapel at around snufelen what she was going to get us I look and the leader came there were by far the chapel open, that was my girlfriend with two candles and the lighter on the ground and her face were shards of the mirror was broken. to the police and I had to explain everything in the funeral I put a nice suit flowers with a card that says never go into a chapel or it will suffer for you!
now I’m still at her every time but always when I say something about the chapel I hear something in my ear that resembles: sssstt!

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