Haunted House!
Once there were two girls, their names: Sam and Fleur. On one day they went to the park and there was a haunted house he was just not ready yet, but one man said you are allowed to take a test ride (he chuckled a little) and they got naturally Fleur was a little scared but Sam is not . there were all scary stuff at the beginning! but in the middle of the ride was the cart a little slow and became Sam suddenly pulled Fleur was terrified and heard a scream and then it was a moment (you could hear only the background music) she came to a sort dokterpop and there was a doll in a blanket operation. Suddenly the blanket was pulled from the doll. but it was not a doll it was Sam! her whole body was cut open her head just a little you could see clearly. headers moved during the dokterpop and came Fleur, and Fleur also murdered. ever since they still do not know who the girls were killed

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