A kid gets completely owned and stripped by sister. Embarrassing Story.

It started when I was 13 years old. I was a quiet shy kid just starting 8th

grade and I had gotten into a fight at school. I was getting picked on which

happens a lot in middle school and I decided to do something about it. I ended

up with a swollen eye and cut lip. By the time I got home, I looked pretty

bad. My mom saw me and wanted to know what happened. I had to give her a

complete detailed explanation before she would even get me ice and a cloth for

my face. At the time, I thought her reaction was odd. I couldn’t put my finger

on it, but I felt she was looking a little funny as I explained things. But I

was young and I let it pass. My dad had already moved out by then so it was

just my mom and my 11 year old sister named Jessica.

At dinner that night, my mom was telling Jessica about my story and again I

was confused. She actually seemed to be enjoying it somewhat. Jessica just

listened patiently. She was always the better listener of the family. In fact,

she was the better everything. Even though she was 2 years younger then me,

she was far smarter, a better athlete, more friends, everything. So naturally,

hearing my mother and my little sister discuss my fight at school was not

something I was enjoying. Of course, nothing like that would ever happen to

Jessica. She was extremely pretty and popular and was already hanging out in

better crowds then I was. Her perfect hair and clear blue eyes, not to mention

her gymnastics toned body, would have guys fawning all over her in a couple of

years I was sure.

When she finished telling the story, Jessica said that there was a new martial

arts school that opened in our town and some kids from her school had joined.

My mother got all excited and thought that would be the perfect thing for her

son and in fact, her daughter too.

We started jujitsu and grappling lessons the next week.

We both joined together, but I was put in a higher class so we did not train

together. Every Friday for about 6 months, my mom would drop us off at the

dojo and we’d each take our class and then she’d take us to dinner after.

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