Is it really Armageddon?

  “I don’t exist, the world does not exist, nothing exist.”, typed the hacker; as he bitterly lashed out on the internet forum. “Everything is subjective.”, he continued. “What I do is pointless, it does not matter.” He bottled up his rage in his seemingly benign life for many years, as he experienced the meaningless point of living on Earth. He already quite his job, left his, wife, and disowned his family. He had gotten “somewhere” by the standards of society, but his material wealth and relationships with others were meaningless. They were illusions like everything else in this universe. He proceeded to sell nearly everything he owned. He now lived like a rat in his decaying one bedroom apartment with the roaches, bedbugs, and filth. “This is all that I need and want.”, he shouted at the roach scurrying away on the floor. He lived this way for 3 months seeing no one except for his landlord, who brought him his subsidence of canned food. Yet an anger a rage was within him, it burned in his heard. The world was an illusion and he had to prove it so. He had to show to the rest of humanity the nothingness of the meaning of life. “I must show every man, woman, and even child on the face of this earth the meaningless of life.”, he thought. The recluse from society emerged from his dump of a dwelling. He brought his long powered down previous link to the outside of the world, his laptop. He headed to the nearest starbucks in downtown L.A. “What company did I used to work for?”, he muttered in his head. “Google.”, his conscious replied. “What did I put on the servers?”, his conscious replied, “A trojan horse.” The keylogger did its job without emotion or thought, just the way it was coldly programmed. It logged the new root passwords after he quit the job so long ago. No one knew his identity, he was anonymous with his spoofed packets. As he took control of the servers he created a botnet, a hive of the computers. He brute forced other servers and slowly gained enough computing power to crack a 256 bit encryption with a combined brute force and dictionary attack. The nation of Israel has had nuclear weapons for 50 years. All it takes is one lazy 18 year old conscript surfing the web somewhere there on their government computers to get in; and that is exactly what he did. He methodically brute forced into the computer as the conscript was watching Youtube. He now had LAN access as he gained root access to the other computers. “Nothing matters and the world is about to see.”, he said, as he maliciously infected the systems on the LAN networks. The infection spread like wild fire, and he eventually came to the topsecret computers controlling Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal. The Jericho III missile can strike nearly anywhere in the world; and deliver a multi megaton warhead of heat, light, and radioactive contamination. And that is exactly what he launched, to Pakistan, Russia, India, and China. He triggered the third  world war in a matter of 2 hours. The missiles flew around the globe and multi megaton war heads reentered the atmosphere in the United States. Of course L.A. the 2nd largest city in the U.S., was a prime target. “Nothing matters”, he thought. Then all hell broke loose. A chinese warhead detonated in city center and its multi megaton thernonuclear payload was delivered. As he stared into the nuclear light, he thought again, “Nothing matters.”;even as he was permanently blinded. The blast wave rushed towards the shack of his apartment. With a shuddering rumble the building collapsed. Yet he still survived. He was blind and his limbs were impaled. He was trapped in a hell of his own making.

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