This story describes the feverish anticipation of grandparents before the arrival of the grandchildren, and the meticulous preparations they do before the scheduled visit.

Image by Gideon Tsang via Flickr

wamy viewed the screen in front of him closely and jumped in his chair. The much awaited e-mail had finally arrived. “The grandchildren are coming. It’s now confirmed,” he shouted.

His wife of forty five years heard it in the kitchen and rushed into the study room tapping the floor with her stick. Bending and leaning on her stick, she adjusted her glasses and looked at the screen, which showed the itinerary and details of the flights. She counted the number of days and said, “After sixty days, our house will come alive again with grandchildren laughing, fighting and playing with us. I’m so thrilled.” She turned around in what might have been a dance in her younger days.

“First it’s not sixty days, but fifty nine days. April has only thirty. One more thing, read the e-mail fully.”

“Why can’t you tell me, my eyes are getting weak?”

“It’s special this year. First, both our sons are coming together with their families. It seems they planned it carefully. Second, they will stay for three weeks instead of two, this year.”

“That’s even great. First time after ten years, we’ll have the full family together. Imagine two sons with their wives and six grand children all in our house and a bonus of one week. The house will reverberate with peals of laughter. What more can we ask for? Thanks for the excellent news.” She planted a kiss on her husband’s cheek. The rough stubble upset her. “Shave regularly as you’ll scare the kids, otherwise.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Swamy said.

“OK, don’t get upset, but let us check our cash position as we have a lot to do.”

“Give me a minute for me to log in.”

The bank balance didn’t look encouraging. Swamy clutched the monitor, as if it were a demon that swallowed his funds, and sighed. “What to do, with this recession, my Mutual Funds paid nothing this year.”

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